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What’s the best option for airport transfers in Hong Kong? Really simple post this one, I was recently in Hong Kong with my parents, sister and her partner as well as my wife and having all flown in on different airlines, it turned out that we all actually took different forms of transport to the hotel from the airport. I thought I’d write a brief post about the options that were available for airport transfers inΒ Hong Kong.

Hong Kong has some easy and great transfer options, and you can make the journey to the island in as much or as little style as the budget permits. Here are the better options.

Airport Express
Probably the most efficient and direct way to get fro the airport to the city, it’s not exactly cheap, setting you back about $100 HKD ($13 USD) per adult one way. Sure it won’t break the bank, but it’s not exactly cheap. It cranks along and get’s you to the city in about 25 minutes. It also departs frequently, every 10 minutes or so, which is handy. The ride is often below ground so don’t expect the most visually stimulating of rides, but it’s direct, fast and runs like clockwork.

The Airport Bus
It’s not as fast, but you get to see a lot more and it potentially could drop you off closer to your hotel then the Airport Express would (depending on where you’re staying – Google Maps is your friend here). It’s also dirt cheap, with adult tickets coming in at about $33 HKD ($4.20 USD) one way. Expect for it to take about 60 minutes depending on traffic.

Hong Kong is filled with taxis, and while they’re not as cheap as those found in it’s often compared (but very different) old mate Singapore, they are the most direct door to door option. Depending on where you’re staying expect to pay a premium at about $300 HKD, but if you split the fare between 4 people ($75 per person), it’s actually cheaper then the Airport Express so could be a better option. You also don’t need to worry about trekking to your hotel from the MTR station or bus stop.

Private Car:
So if you’re feeling a little more upmarket you can take one of the various private car options in Hong Kong like Blacklane. These guys will get you from gate to door with style, care and speed. Next time you’re trying to work out yourΒ airport transfer in Hong Kong, and feel like doing things a little on the fancy side (or maybe you’re just in Hong Kong for a luxury shopping experience, so the private car service is nothing but the icing on the cake…), check out the private car options instead of your bog standard taxi.



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