Top restaurants in Vegas – The Vegas Dining Experience

Vegas has become one of the top dining destinations in the world.

Last week, I talked a bit about how that Las Vegas was an American paradox. One topic that I failed to touch on is the Vegas food scene. Many do not know that Las Vegas has quickly become a must-visit city for food lovers from around the world. While I didn’t get a chance to visit all the restaurants on my list in Vegas, below is my short list of some of the best casino restaurants to visit in Vegas.

Top of the World Restaurant

Vegas locals will likely raise an eyebrow when I mention the Top of the World Restaurant as being on a must-visit list. If the restaurant was judged based solely on the food, they would be right. However, the reason to visit this restaurant isn’t the food, but rather the view (insert sarcasm: hence the name right..)

The Top of the World Restaurant sits atop the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. In addition, the restaurant rotates 360 degrees while you are dining to give you some of the most spectacular views of Las Vegas. As far as the food goes, it is pretty average.. so this place would be better for either a nice lunch or maybe a quick dinner where you want to impress your date with the views of the city rather than the food.


If you are into fish, there is no better place to go in Las Vegas than Aqua at the Bellagio. Since it is located inside the Bellagio, itΒ definitely hasΒ that high class look to the space. The decor inside the restaurant is absolutely amazing with expensive tile, honey-colored wood, and canvas lamps throughout.

The fish here is the best you will find anywhere… ever. Chef Michael Mina has the fish flown into Vegas daily and the selection is as good or maybe even better than you will find anywhere else on the planet except maybe the ocean itself.

Delmonico Steakhouse

Some of you might think that putting a steakhouse on a must-visit foodie list is a bit of a cop-out. I’d usually agree, except in this case.. What if I told you that Emeril Lagrasse runs the restaurant? That’s right, one of the Food Networks top chefs has a spot in the Venetian and if you love steak and a bottle of red, this is the place to go.

However, this steakhouse is more than just ordinary steaks. Since Emeril is in charge, you will find things here you just don’t see in normal “steakhouses.” Dishes that include Cajun and Creole appetizers, crawfish, and their very own “Delmonico Chicken.”

If you are into the retro look, this place is for you too, it has more of a 1970’s flavor as opposed to the high-tech look of many newer restaurants on the Vegas strip.

3 Must-see’s on the food to-do list in a city where anything is possible.


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