Along for the ride: The Philippine Tricycle

Philippine Tricycle
The Humble Philippine Tricycle

Trike! Trike! The Philippine tricycle is not what you are thinking. It’s not a kid’s Walmart 3 wheeled contraption that never makes it past the driveway. It’s the de-facto transportation of the Philippines especially outside the big urban areas like Manila city. These beauties come in a variety of colors and styles but they all have one thing in common, you can find them in all corners of this 7000 plus island nation. Depending on where you are in the Philippines, the mighty tricycle can vary from a 4 seater (Palawan) to a robust 6-7 seater (Boracay).

The tricycles are more practical than a taxi and far cheaper too and depending on the care of the owner, you can expect a certain amount of flair. Some pay homage to the almighty JC while others to American rock bands of the 90’s (Metallica & Korn!). Some of the younger and ‘hipper’ drivers have even put some sophisticated sound systems on the trikes and blast out to Snoop as they drive down the avenue. I can only imagine the overhead on these tricked out rides!

Philippine Tricycle
More trikes!
Philippine Tricycle
Yep.. more trikes!

Tricycles won’t break your budget either; a simple short haul ride should cost you anywhere between 10-20 P (40P= $1 USD) and longer hauls about 100-120P. Always set the price before you leave as a fairly cheap ride can turn into an expensive one with certain unscrupulous drivers and many of them seem to never have change for bills larger than 500P.

Whether you take a local Philippine tricycle or a Filipino jeepney, you are bound to have one heck of a ride.

This is a guest post contributed by Megan Riley of the She currently is saying adios ot her IT desk job to take a 90 sabbatical

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  1. Nico @ ATravellersJourney

    They look like improved versions of the Indonesian trikes. They have a mixture of black fume emitting orange beauties from the seventies and these new gas guzzling blue ones. For my taste I still prefer a Taxi or a motorbike.

  2. The Philippine tricycle is something I’d enjoy taking. Some of my favourite rickshaw rides have been in India and Bangladesh.

    1. Yeh agreed, they’re good fun to ride! Spent about 30 mins riding literally on the roof, down the local village street in Panay once, Was pretty much the coolest way to get around. Those poor bikes have a pretty hard life!

  3. If you’ve noticed, the designs and sizes of tricycle differ from every province in the Philippines 😀

    Thanks for featuring the Philippine Tricycle! I also love the Tuk Tuk of Siem Reap

  4. I really miss tricycles!

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