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The Travel Mindset

Mindset Shifts Every Backpacker Should Make

It's so important when you go backpacking to have the right kind of travel mindset or you may very well miss out on the best parts of the experience. Backpacking...

credit cards are bad

Why Credit Cards Are Bad

Credit cards are bad, or are they? I actually think they're occasionally very useful to many people but for some, they can be rather dangerous. There are a few things in this funny old world that we can be...

Planning a Trip to Morocco - Long Term Travel

Planning a trip to Morocco? Make Sure You Visit Fes

This is a guest post about planning a trip to Morocco and specifically the city of Fes by Lena Hart a friend of mine and an extensive traveller. - Enjoy.  

Morocco has always been on...

Heading to Indonesia - Nomadical Sabbatical

Heading To Indonesia? Don’t Fall Into The Common Tourist Traps

Indonesia, the country of over 17,000 islands, is one of the most exciting places to visit throughout Asia. Great weather, friendly locals, and immense diversity all provide...

Sydney Opera House - Places to go in NSW

5 Amazing Places To Go In NSW, Australia

This guest post about her favourite places to go in NSW is by a friend of mine, Olivia, a fellow adventurous traveller who wants nothing more than to explore this incredible world we call our home....

Backpacking Europe

What You Need To Know When Backpacking Europe

There are lots of things to do when you’re backpacking Europe! It's a massive place with more countries than you can poke an atlas at, and there's such a big difference between cultures and so also...


Tips, Tricks & A Few Laughs

I've learned a thing or two during my adventures, featured below is some of that wisdom