Dream Destinations #2: Aruba


Aruba - Baby Beach

There are may different kinds of holidays, from the classic city break to the white sands and cocktail type of getaway. What could be more perfect than strolling slowly down a mile of crisp white beach sand with the clear blue water lapping at your feet, the warm sun on your back and an island paradise everywhere you look? The Answer, not much really. Well Aruba is just that, it’s basically the image of tropical perfection in a luxurious and interesting small package, located as part of the lesser Antilles island arc in the Caribbean Sea. So essentially that means is:

Coconuts, palm trees, sunshine, crystal clear blue water, beaches, hammocks, resorts, tanned beach goddesses sunning themselves on the golden sands of your destiny..

Aruba is 33 miles long and still belongs (officially) to the Netherlands; it is also fairly well populated giving guests to the island the experience and the buzz of island life.

The main reason I’d make tracks to Aruba would have to be the beaches.. there are more good beaches on Aruba then you can poke a bit of drift wood at and they all look like they could be set pieces from Dicaprio’s ‘The Beach’.

Here are my top 3 Aruba beach picks of the island:

Eagle Beach – The widest and arguably, most prized beach on the island. Eagle beach offers sand so white it looks like it’s been bleached and according to the locals, the sand is also the softest on the island. The beach is a nesting ground for 4 species of turtle, home to two of the most photographed Fofoti trees on the island and the arena for the weekend beach tennis matches Aruba is famous for.

Aruba - Eagle Beach

Malmok Beach – Interrupting the craggy limestone Malmok Coastline this small and narrow beach offers some of the bets snorkelling outside the Philippines. There are options to hire yachts and boats to take you to the best locations around the area and if snorkelling isn’t enough, the surrounding waters also offer amazing diving as you can explore the many wrecks and reefs that dot the water around the island.

Aruba - Malok Beach

Baby Beach – Do something touristy and just relax on the sand. There are refreshments at hand, those reed huts you see in movies and enough clear blue water and sunshine for everyone. The idealistic and picturesque Caribbean beach of your dreams.

Sooo.. Who’s keen to jump in my suitcase and check out the chilled island lifestyle of Aruba? Share your Aruba travel loving thoughts and insights in the comments.

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