Explorers, cannibals and baby chickens

Explorers, cannibals and baby chickens
I studied design for a time at university and one particular lesson stuck with me. The lecturer asked us to put ourselves in the position of a European sailor from the 16th or 17th century (without the syphilis or lice) and asked us who would have been willing to board on a ship set to ...

Just don’t be a dickhead.. 4

Just don't be a dickhead..
There are some things in life that really annoy me: People who walk too slowly, un-tamed or muzzled children in public places, having a bird shit on your face (happened to me twice), vegans, stubbing my toe, pointless Facebook status updates, walking into glass doors, I could go on.. take all of these things and ...

Teaching Calculus to Primates 1

Teaching Calculus to Primates
  Have you ever tried to teach a monkey calculus? It gets very similar results to trying to teach a monkey particle physics and would end with the poor primate being about as bored as a Mcdonalds drive through worker. I found myself in roughly the same position when I recently opened the Lonely Planet Guide ...

Long Term Travel & The Agoraphobia of Quitting 6

Long Term Travel & The Agoraphobia of Quitting
I held onto the idea like a deranged Tasmanian Devil would a small child’s finger. I was decided, I’m leaving my place of work for bigger and better things, to travel, to explore, to write and to shoot things (with a camera). I decided in my last post to quit my job and go travelling ...

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