Malta Versus Spain – Which Is The Best Summer Destination?

Malta Versus Spain

Malta Versus Spain – Which Is The Best Summer Destination?

Malta versus Spain, it’s a showdown to decide which is the best summer destination. Both are bathed in Mediterranean sunshine, both are surrounded by beaches and both offer a variety of attractions to tourists and holidaymakers during the summer months – but how do you choose between the delights of Malta and the charm of Spain? And which one can claim the prize for the ultimate summer destination?


Barcelona - Malta Versus Spain
Barcelona, Spain

Malta Versus Spain


When it comes to climate, there’s little to divide Spain and Malta with each offering long, hot sunny days, mild nights and little chance of rain. Spain’s northern coastline can experience more unsettled summers, so for sun-kissed holidays Lanzarote and other Spanish islands, as well as coastal areas and Costas, are your best bet.

Malta is known for its long warn summers and I personally can attest to the amount of dust that generally kicks around the place. There’s just something so nice about a sky completely blue with not even a trace of a cloud.


Due to its size, Spain does rather trump Malta when it comes to the number and variety of its beaches. From the volcanic sands of the Canaries to the long, golden expanses of the Costas and the rugged coves of the Balearics, Spain has a lot to offer swimmers, sunbathers and watersports enthusiasts alike. If you want to avoid the crowds, you might have to hire a car and drive a little way from the main resorts as these tourist areas tend to get pretty packed, especially in summer.

Although Malta can’t compete with the number of beaches, it does offer visitors a great variety in a relatively small area. If you like to discover new places, Malta gives you the chance to swim somewhere completely different every day of your trip and it’s easy to hire a small boat (or join a big cruise) to visit nearby Gozo and the famous Blue Lagoon.

Malta Versus Spain
How blue is that Maltese water?

Things to do

For adventure lovers, history buffs and culture vultures, Spain has it all. There are even luxury ski holidays to be found in its northern mountains. Although it’s not possible to see everything that Spain has to offer on a single trip, visitors can easily combine a bit of sightseeing with a few days on the beach for a great summer break. Spain is also home to some of the best tourist attractions in Europe.

As a counter point, thanks to its location in the middle of the Mediterranean, Malta has more than its fair share of culture and history. In fact, there are almost 7,000 years of architecture, legends and sights to explore, making Malta a top cultural destination. Other activities like rock climbing, mountain biking and kayaking are also available on the island.

Malta Versus Spain – The Winner!

Choosing between Malta and Spain for your summer break is a difficult one, but the chances are that neither will disappoint. Honestly, they are actually quite different destinations. If I could only go to one, it would have to be Spain due only to the fact that it’s a much bigger country so of course, there is so much more variety, but it’s a very close call as Malta really is a great destination too.

So if you’re still struggling, why not flip a coin and let fate decide? There’s always next summer to explore the destination that lost the toss…

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