Dream Destinations: Turkey’s Turquoise Coast

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The Stunning Turquoise Coast

If you’re sitting behind a desk in an office, already on your 3rd cup of coffee and it’s only 2:00pm, staring at the wall and dreaming of a tropical paradise, blue waters and palm trees.. then there’s a pretty good chance what you’re dreaming of is actually Turkey (just avoid getting scammed by one of the many scams in Turkey). Stretches of untouched Mediterranean coastline known as the Turquoise Coast blind sunglass-less travellers with the glare from white picturesque beaches as they drift along the coast in chartered yachts, essentially it’s exactly what you think of when you say paradise.

The Turkish Riviera otherwise known as the Turquoise Coast region of Turkey runs south west of Antalya and comprises of some of the most amazing views of the Turkish mountains and coast. For large portions of coastline, the mountains plunge directly into the ocean. These spectacular mountain cliffs are broken up only by stunning bays, tiny coves and narrow plains. Dotted with cliffs and beaches are many smaller resorts tucked away along the coastline, giving you a bit of choice in accommodation when it comes to booking a holiday on the Turquoise Coast.

The swimming along the coast is amazing with crystal blue waters and the odd sea turtle to keep you company. Also, there are snorkelling and diving options for those interested. Somewhere between cocktails and sun bathing if you find some time take a moment to explore the ruins of ancient Olympos also known as Lycia or explore some of Turkey’s famous walking trail the Lycian Way. There are also spectacular Lycian Tombs to explore, built by ancient Anatolia that date back pre Greece as well as various castles to venture into as well as Roman ruins (Patara) and other similar interesting historical sites to explore.

To get a better ‘feel’ for Turkey you can explore some of the beautiful little villages that dot the coastline like Kale Koyu which boasts a wonderful view of the uninhabited island of Kekova. Kale Kolu is a number of old Greek houses surrounded by fig, walnut, banana and palm trees, getting excited yet?

The town of Gelemis, while not being as picturesque as Kale Kolu is the gateway for one of Turkey’s most beautiful beaches which stretch for over 9 miles of golden sand.

Turkey’s climate is warm with hot summers and mild winters are broken up by a pleasantly warm spring and autumn. So if the cold of winter has you just about sick of sweaters, cocoa and gas heaters then maybe a little trip down the Turquoise Coast is exactly what you need to recover and get that tan started. The easiest way to get there is to fly given the region is serviced by 2 airports and hire cars are easily available when you arrive.

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