1. marnie

    Hi there,

    Love your website, makes me wish I was doing the same.looking forward to hearing more and seeing the pics.

  2. lauren

    i stumbled upon your blog while i was reading the news. i also have a passion for travel and are doing something similar to you. good luck with all your travels!

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  4. Johnny


    Suffice to say I really like your website, and the decisions you have chosen to take.

    I have lived in a few countries in the past but I left Mexico in 2008 (after 2 years). I told myself it was time to get home and be stable; a grown up! Well I rent a room now and still have a minimum wage job, although it is in a very nice house and area. By the way i’m 35 and English (live in England/UK).

    Anyway I have savings, but no property or anything like that. I am just too scared to make the move. Truth is I liked seeing new places, new people, but there is a side to travelling I do not like. I don’t like struggling (I also have ADD and take tablets for depression), I don’t care so much about roughing it. I also prefer to see Europe this time, although who knows.

    I guess this is all my way of saying should I just do it? I just don’t know.

    1. Thanks for the comment. To be honest mate the only one who can make that decision for you is you. I will say this though, that travel can be as rewarding as you make it. 2 people can go to the exact same place, stay in the same hostel/hotel and have 2 totally different experiences. It’s all about getting involved, trying new things, meeting new people and putting yourself out there. In my experience even if i’m tired, a bit down and not in the mood to socialize, if I just get the ball rolling a little ad give it a shot it snowballs and almost always leads to a really great time, be it just one night out with new friends or some other random new experience. I was scared to leave my job before I quit, had all the negatives going through my head.. will I get another job like this one when I get back.. etc..etc.. but the things I have done in the past year are experiences I would never trade for anything. I remember talking to a mates dad before I left (he’s about 65 now) he spent 2 years in his late 20’s travelling the world and remembers those 2 years as the best in his whole life. Imagine if he decided not to go. I think if your fears are unjustified (be honest with yourself here) then you could benefit from taking the plunge. Given you’re from the UK, Europe is on your doorstep, and there is soo much to see you could almost travel forever. Ultimately though, the decision is yours.

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