Cash Saving Tips For Long Term Travel

Cash Saving Tips For Long Term Travel
Yesterday I walked past a homeless man who genuinely had nicer shoes than me. (I refuse to buy new ones, since i’ll be leaving on my next trip in 2 months). This got me thinking about my upcoming trip and my strategy for trying to save as much money as possible before I leave. As ...

Contiki Tours and Pre-Packaged Travel 7

Contiki Tours and Pre-Packaged Travel
I was halfway down a picturesque river in the Ha-Giang province of Northern Vietnam floating peacefully on a bamboo raft when suddenly, the peace was shattered by the braying screech of what sounded like a donkey being set on fire. Birds took to the air in fright, children covered their ears and richter scales around ...

13 items I hate forgetting to pack 5

13 items I hate forgetting to pack
Ever leave the house with that feeling you’ve forgotten something? I once left my house without pants on, not even joking, it wasn’t until I caught a glimpse of my reflection in nearby a shop window that I realised I had walked into the street in a pair of red jocks and with my shoes ...

Travel, Torture & Passport Applications 2

Travel, Torture & Passport Applications
There was a horrible period of history during the medieval period where torture was the favourite method of forcing a person to divulge information. Often this was a slow drawn out process where the poor victim could suffer in brutal agony for long periods of time before dying… I recently discovered to my horror that ...
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