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middle eastern etiquette

Middle Eastern Etiquette All Travellers Should Know

If you are planning a trip to a country in the Middle East, especially if this will be your first time visiting the region, you will do well to brush up on your Middle Eastern etiquette, particularly in the...

Taking a gap year to travel

Taking a gap year to travel 5 years on

It’s just ticked over into 2018 which is sounding more and more like a year that’s actually in ‘the future’. Sadly there are no flying cars yet but we’re getting there. Time seems to march on by...

Visiting Delhi - Nomadical Sabbatical

Visiting Delhi For The First Time

There’s nowhere else on earth like India. It’s an amazing collection of developing chaotic cities, beautiful countryside and primitive villages all held together with one of the richest and most...

how to become a digital nomad - Nomadical Sabbatical

How to Become a Digital Nomad

If there's one thing I get asked a lot it's how to become a digital nomad. So you’re sitting in your dreary cubicle (those still exist, right?) and staring into the...

Polar Bears and the Polar Ice Caps - nomadical sabbatical

The Battle for Polar Bears and the Polar Ice Caps

This is a guest post from Agness and Cez, two best friends who’ve been traveling for 7 years and love to write about travel and the most amazing places around the world. They are passionate...

Scandinavian Food

Experience the Most Amazing Food of Scandinavia

If you ever find yourself in any Scandinavian country then you’re probably aware of their rich culture and some of the traditions they’re been following for centuries. Scandinavia is the part of...


Tips, Tricks & A Few Laughs

I've learned a thing or two during my adventures, featured below is some of that wisdom